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Kids Reading Book in Park

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The Vision: That every child has access to children's books written by Author Ta-Sean C. Murdock at no cost to children and their families.

The Mission: To expose children to positive literacy and reading opportunities.

The Audience: Our goal is to serve children who live in communities that are underserved and have limited access to resources and services. 

What YOU can DO!

Purchase 10 books or more and select an organization or children to donate your purchased books.

Or you can make a simple donation and we will donate books to a school or youth development organization. 

Children in Library
Children in Science Class

Make A Donation! 

Your donation will support our work of

providing youth books to children for FREE. 

  • A donation of $14.50 will provide 1 child a FREE book.

  • A donation of $29.00 will provide 2 children with a FREE book.

  • A donation of $72.50 will provide 5 children with a FREE book.

475 books have been donated to children!

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