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Family..Success..Opportunity.. Achievable?

What does it mean to be an African American male? Is there an opportunity for me to grow, learn, and love in this crazy world? Can I be a great husband and father while still battling the negatives? Can I overcome my own flaws to be a better version of myself? I am sure that I am not the only male who has asked these questions and I am sure that I won’t be the last. I truly take these questions day by day. Each day presents itself with its own issues that could throw you into a downward spiral if you let it.

In this world you have many things that can stop you from your success and your opportunities to WIN. There are many times that I sit down and process things that are taking place around me. A lot of times I perceive things as this world wasn’t really built for success unless you really have the drive to go out there and get what you want. At every corner there is something that comes up and could block the possibilities. So then I ask myself what am I fighting for and what can I do differently to determine the outcome and my destiny.

I am fighting for my son to know that he can do anything in this world as long as he works hard and he earns it. I am fighting to make sure that my family is comfortable and enjoys every moment together. We live in a world where they tell you money is everything and that you have to have millions of dollars to be comfortable and successful. Now more than ever I think it's important as a man to be engaged with my family. Spending time with my son, date nights with the wife, taking part in the cleaning and management of my household to just name a few is so important. You know, the things they say African American males are not known for. I only WIN if my family comes first.

One thing I encourage people to do is to keep a student mentality. I am always looking for ways to improve who I am as a person while not losing who I am. Doing a self check for me is important along with making sure that I am listening first. Don’t ever think that your success and the things you have worked hard for can't be taken. In order for success to be continuous we have to have a willingness to learn and listen. I am not always right and this is not Burger King, “I can’t have it my way.” Keeping that student mentality opens the door to so many opportunities!

My question to you is with all of those questions in your mind from the onset of this blog, what are you fighting for? Can you change something up so that your path to success gets easier? I am rooting for you and all of your successes!

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