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Move With Intention

I try to be intentional about how I move and who I move with. I am learning that I don’t need to be friends or even work in the same circles as others. In my brain I felt I needed to be in the “mix” and be in good standings of others. While I am thinking that, others in the room are only using me for their purpose and not returning that same love or not working to create positive interactions that are genuine. Hmm.. got me to thinking! Not everyone is for me and while people present well, people are going to be people. There are folks who only ask the questions what’s in it for me? How can I come up? If a person presents that way, leave them where they are and move forward. Move with people who genuinely want to see everyone be great. We also have to extend that same love and grace to people too. We have to be genuine and want greatness for everyone. That can totally happen while we are still moving with intention! Don’t get caught pleasing people or wanting to be in the graces of others. It’s not needed nor is it worth it!

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