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Why wait, do it NOW!

Over the years I have had so many hesitations in life, not wanting to start a project, fear over building a business and even waiting years to write my first book. To be totally honest, it even took be years to starting blogging. Why does it take some so long to start creating or building something that they have a desire for? In my opinion, it is a fear that what we think or believe that what we create or build will not meet the standards of others. I wonder what so an so will think of my work or creation and if they don't like it maybe I should go back to whatever my normal was. If I started a business I will just close shop and go back to the regular nine to five. Or maybe I am an Author but one person told me that they did not like or approve of my book. Because of that I am not going to sell my book or even promote it.

Hmmmm.. I don't agree with either of these thoughts! I say don't worry about what other people think. This world is such a world wind of peoples thoughts and opinions. While thoughts and opinions are good, it should not block you from getting out there and building and creating your passion. "Why wait" for someone to tell you that you should do something, go ahead and "do it NOW!" When you build and create something that you are passionate about and don't worry about what other people think, your creative juices will follow and whatever you build will be awesome.

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